Acropolis Fountain Pen


Gorgeous marbled effect design with vivid contrasting colors for vintage style and high shine.  Made from Celluloid mix, this is a full-sized pen that weighs very little, for those who like a substantial pen but extra light. Available also as a Ballpoint or Roller

Size 139.6 x 14.45mm

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION Remove the cap to open. MATERIAL Coloured acrylic resin pen barrel; steel clip; shiny silver enamel. DIMENSIONS 139,6 x 14,4 mm; Weight: 23,80 g. PERSONALIZATION Laser or panthograph engraving. USER GUIDE Do not force the nib on the paper, otherwise the nib will bend, and it will be necessary to substitute it. REFILL Pelikan cartridges (HER001009); Standard converter (HERCON002000); The tip of the fountain pen can be removed by unscrewing it counterclockwise, and can be replaced with nibs of different sizes, to personalize your own writing style. The pen uses Big Nibs